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More than 130 years of experience

Pilade e Angiolo

The company history is dated 1887, when Pilade Giani, moving to Livorno from his hometown of Florence to work in a shipping agency, founded his own company inside the old Medicean dock, to coordinate arrivals and departures of vessels calling the port of Leghorn. In 1920 his son Angiolo joined in, extending in the years to come the range of activities also to the freight forwarding. Right after the second world war also Angiolo’s son, Sergio joined the enterprise, contributing to the expansion of the company to international level of shipping and forwarding, particularly dealing with the traffics in export towards the United States. Angiolo Giani passed away in 1979 and this date marks the gradual entrance in the company of Sergio’s sons, Maria Gloria, Elisabetta and Federico, who contributed to maintain fresh the initial path, joining the company in the years of the modern shipping revolution, that is, right after the introduction of the container, the very first change of the logistics. From April 2022 Maria Gloria Giani took over the company entirely, becoming its sole owner. Since 2019, her daughter Beatrice, a graduate in Logistics, who joined Pilade Giani in 2015, has been the Marketing Manager of the Yachting sector.

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